VARIO 2 IP PoE - VAR2-IPPoE-w16-1 Medium Range White-Light Network Illuminator

VARIO 2 IP only - VAR2-IP-w16-1 - Long Range White Light Network Illuminator

VARIO 2 IP only - VAR2-IP-w16-1 - Long Range White Light Network Illuminator



VARIO2 IP Dedicated IP Lighting for Network Cameras

Smart and Programmable


VARIO2 IP illuminators provide dedicated lighting for IP cameras. They provide the ultimate solution for smart, situation -dependent lighting for video surveillance and can be fully integrated into an IP eco-system. VARIO2 IP enables users to create dynamic lighting systems, capable of controlling illuminators individually or in groups, to automatically deliver the exact amount of light where and when it is needed, improving image quality under any condition.

Set up is quick and easy, with Discovery software provided as standard. VARIO2 IP also reduces visits to site, minimising transport and labour costs and saving time, whilst ensuring maximum performance from your system at all times.

VARIO2 IP illuminators use PLATINUM Elite SMT LED technology to deliver more power and greater distances from a smaller platform than current generation illuminators.

The VARIO2 IP w16-1 White-Light network illuminator delivers maximum distances up to 250m (820ft).


Dedicated IP Lighting
Integrated Web Interface
Advanced User Defined Settings
API for Platform Integration
HTTP Commands as Standard
Platinum Elite SMT LED Technology
VARIO Interchangeable Lens System
Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT)


Total Lumens: 7453lm per luminaire
Max Distance: 250 (820ft)
Angles and Max Distances:
10°x10° - 250 (820ft)
35°x10° - 125m (410ft)
60°x25° - 70m (230ft)
80°x30° - 48m (157ft)
120°x50° - 35m (115ft)
Input: 24V DC
Consumption: 84W
Data Input: Cat 5 Cable
Beam Shape: Elliptical with HRT
(Hot Spot Reduction Technology)
Beam Angle System: VARIO interchangeable lens system
LED Type: Platinum Elite SMT LEDs
Number of LEDs: 48
Colour Temp: 6000K~
Wavelength: White-Light
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