> VARIO 2 - IP PoE

VARIO2 IP PoE - low voltage illuminators illuminate longer distances using less power.

VARIO2 IP PoE - is available in Infra-Red and White-Light with interchangeable lens system.

VARIO2 IP PoE w8-1 (12/24V)

The panel of this product has a pack of interchangeable lenses included in the price:
- 10°H x 10°V circular without any lens (180 m)
- 35°H x 10°V elliptical lens fitted as standard (95 m)
- 60°H x 25°V elliptical lens (50 m)

- 80°H x 30°V elliptical lens (35 m)
- 120°H x 50°V elliptical lens (25 m)

Options: DST and PSUs FOR 100-230V AC.