VARIO Universal Brackets (VUB)

VARIO Universal Brackets (VUB)




VARIO Universal Brackets (VUB)

Universal Brackets for custom mounting and configuration of all VARIO illuminators.
All VARIO series i/w2, i/w4, i/w8, i/w16 can be mounted on WALLS and POLES using these official VARIO brackets.

Choose appropriate combination of wall/pole mounting + plate from our dropdown list.

Key Features:

  • Two mounting variants - Wall mount & Pole mount
  • Then 5 Options of additional mounting VUB Plates to mount multiple illuminators and PSUs
  • Various configurations possible of LED panel size, position, and horizontal and vertical tilt
  • VUB Plates available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and PSU variants

Product Description:
The VARIO Universal Bracket (VUB) is designed for custom mounting and configuration of all RayLED VARIO series illuminators. With a ‘one bracket fits all’ approach, VUB wall and pole mount variants can mount any VARIO illuminator. A variety of VUB plates are also available which fix onto the VUB-WALL and VUB-pole for the mounting of multiple VARIO illuminators and VARIO PSUs. VUB plate variations accommodate small, medium, large and x-large VARIO units (with the option to mix and match LED panel sizes), and allow for each individual unit to be titled both horizontally and vertically, with a variety of mounting positions available on the top and under side of the plate.

Why VUB?
The VARIO Universal Bracket provides the easiest and most flexible mounting solution for any VARIO lighting installation. 1 bracket can accommodate multiple LED panels pointed in different horizontal directions to illuminate different areas on site – perfect for looking around corners. It can also accommodate different sized LED panels at different vertical tilt angles, to illuminate different depths of scene e.g. 1 large illuminator pointed straight out onto the scene to illuminate a long range perimeter, and a smaller illuminator pointed down to illuminate a short range entrance point.


The VARIO Universal Bracket (VUB) is a complete family of brackets and mounting plates designed for the custom mounting and configuration of all Raytec VARIO illuminators and PSUs. VUB offers a one bracket fits all approach and provides the easiest and most flexible mounting solution to meet the challenges of any VARIO lighting installation. The VUB bracket system is available in VUB-WALL and VUB-POLE mount variants with a variety of VUB plates available to mount multiple units. VUB accommodates different illuminator and PSU combinations, provides multiple fixing points, and allows independent pan and til0t lighting adjustment.


A complete range of VARIO Universal Bracket (VUB) solutions
Designed to mount any VARIO illuminator or PSU
VUB-WALL and VUB-POLE mount variants
VUB-PLATEs for mounting multiple units
Accommodates different illuminator and PSU combinations
Multiple fixing positions
Independent pan/tilt adjustment


VUB-WALL VARIO Universal B racket - Wall Mount
VUB-POLE - VARIO Universal Pole Mount B racket
VUB-PLATE-3x2 - Mounts 3 x 2 series VARIO*
VUB-PLATE-3x4 - Mounts 3 x 4 series VARIO*
VUB-PLATE-3x8 - Mounts 3 x 8 series VARIO*
VUB-PLATE-1x16 - Mounts 1 x 16 series VARIO*
*VUB Plates are to be used with VUB-POLE and VUB-WALL brackets
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