VARIO - DST (Daytime Set-up Tool)

VARIO - DST (Daytime Set-up Tool)



DST Instructions:


The VARIO Daytime Set-up Tool (DST) is designed to help installers position and align their surveillance lighting during daylight hours, when night-time set-up is not possible. It is particularly useful for Infra-Red lighting which is invisible to the human eye. The DST fixes directly to the extrusion of any VARIO / other RayLED illuminator and provides a viewing piece which allows you to see the exact target at which the light is pointed; you can then adjust the illuminator accordingly.


Daytime Set-up Tool
Designed for any VARIO/other Raytec Illuminator
Fixes directly to illuminator
Viewing piece to show positioning of light beam
Supplied with two allen/hex keys


Compatible: VARIO, RAYMAX, RAYLUX, HYBRID illuminators
Mounting Clip Provided
x2 Eye Pieces Provided
Provided with two allen/hex keys:
(4mm) for VARIO bracket adjustment
(2.5mm) for VARIO base plate adjustment
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