VARIO 2 Lighthouse Kit (VLK) - VAR2-VLK-hy4-2 Hybrid Illuminator and Camera Housing - Fully Integrated Hybrid Lighting + Camera Housing Solution, camera(s) not provided (24V DC) - up to 183 m in IR and 99 m in WL

VARIO 2 Lighthouse Kit (VLK) - VAR2-VLK-hy4-2 Hybrid Illuminator and Camera Housing



VAR2-VLK- hy4-2

VARIO 2 VLK Hybrid - Hybrid Illuminator and Camera Housing

The VARIO2 Lighthouse Kit (VLK) is a fully integrated lighting, camera housing, and mounting bracket solution. VLK hy4 series provides two inbuilt VARIO2 Hybrid (combined Infra-Red and White-Light) illuminators and mounting for up to two IP or Analogue cameras, and using PLATINUM Elite twin-core SMT LEDs delivers world leading power and illumination distances for a variety of applications including video surveillance and ANPR/LPR. Its Integrated Control Interface delivers the highest level of flexibility to configure multiple situational dependant lighting actions. VLK also provides integrated bracketry for easy mounting. It is cable managed and pre-wired with power/aux cable and CAT5e cable. Incorporating all standard VARIO2 family features, including interchangeable lens system and hot-spot reduction technology (HRT), the VLK hy4 series produces outstanding night-time images with maximum distances up to 183m (600ft) in IR and 99m (324ft) in WL.


Full Lighting System with Camera Housing
Two VARIO2 Hybrid LED Illuminators
Accommodates up to 2 Cameras: IP or Analogue
Integrated Control Interface
Cable managed, Integrated bracket and Pre-wired
PLATINUM Elite twin-core SMT LED Technology
Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT)
VARIO Interchangeable Lens System
VARIO Remote Control (optional)


Max Distance: up to 183m (600ft) in IR and 99m (324ft) in WL.
Angles and Max Distances:
10°x10° - 183m (600ft) IR and 99m (324ft) WL
35°x10° - 99m (324ft) IR and 59m (193ft) WL
60°x25° - 69m (226ft) IR and 31m (101ft) WL
80°x30° - 45m (147ft) IR and 22m (72ft) WL
120°x50° - 31m (101ft) IR and 17m (55ft) WL
Input: 24V DC
Beam Shape: Elliptical with HRT (Hot Spot Reduction Technology)
Beam Angle System: VARIO interchangeable lens system
Consumption: 37W (including approx. camera consumption) 13W per LED panel
LED Type: Platinum Elite twin-core SMT LEDs
Number of LEDs: 12 x Infra-Red, 6 x White-Light
Power Output (Luminous Flux): 1490lm
Wavelength: 850nm & White-Light
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