VARIO 2 IP PoE HYBRID hy8-1 - VAR2-IPPoE-hy8-1 Long Range Hybrid Network Illuminator (IR + WL) - Combined Infra-Red and White-Light Network illuminator in a single panel unit (12/24V) - up to 290 m in IR and 144 m in WL

VARIO 2 IP PoE HYBRID hy8-1 - VAR2-IPPoE-hy8-1 Long Range Hybrid Network Illuminator (IR + WL)




VARIO2 IP PoE Hybrid is the next generation of IR + WL illuminators from RayLED

IP PoE Hybrid Network Illuminators


RayLED's award winning range of network illuminators is available in Hybrid (combined Infra-Red and White-Light) variants, providing dedicated IP lighting for network cameras. VARIO2 IP Hybrid fully integrates Infra-Red and White-Light illumination into a single, two-in-one solution. Infra-Red for surveillance and White-Light for deterrent or additional scene information. VARIO2 IP Hybrid allows for remote set up and operation of your lighting scheme from anywhere on the network 24/7 via web interface, VMS or directly with camera applications. Users have live control or automatic control over their lighting at all times, to respond to incidents in real time and to fine-tune surveillance images. The VARIO2 IP PoE hy8-1 hybrid network illuminator delivers maximum distances up to 290m (951ft) IR & 144m (472ft) WL, via 60W PoE+ or low voltage power (24V DC).


Dedicated IP Lighting for Network Cameras
Combined Infra-Red & White-Light Illumination
PLATINUM Elite SMT LED Technology
Integrated Web Interface
API for Platform Integration
Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT)
VARIO Interchangeable Lens System
Angles from 10-120 degrees – from 1 product


Max Distance: 290m (951ft)
Angles and Max Distances:
10°x10° - 290m (951ft) IR and 144m (472ft) WL
35°x10° - 150m (492ft) IR and 76m (249ft) WL
60°x25° - 86m (282ft) IR and 40m (131ft) WL
80°x30° - 63m (207ft) IR and 30m (98ft) WL
120°x50° - 41m (135ft) IR and 20m (66ft) WL
Input: PoE or 24V DC
Beam Shape: Elliptical with HRT (Hot Spot Reduction Technology)
Beam Angle System: VARIO interchangeable lens system
Consumption: 43W
LED Type: Platinum Elite twin-core SMT LEDs
Number of LEDs: 12 x Infra-Red, 12 x White-Light
Power Output (Luminous Flux): 2981lm per luminaire
Wavelength: 850nm & White-Light (940nm options available)
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