VARIO 2 Extreme - VAR2-XTR-w16-1 Infra-Red Illuminator for Extreme Environments

VARIO 2 Extreme - VAR2-XTR-w16-1 Infra-Red Illuminator for Extreme Environments




VARIO 2 White-Light Illuminator for Extreme Environments

Extreme Environments White-Light Illuminators


VARIO2 Extreme illuminators are designed to provide extreme durability for video surveillance systems operating in the most challenging environments. Featuring a wide operating temperature range of -50° to +75°C (-58° to 167°F), VARIO2 Extreme is rated for use in the harshest environmental and operating conditions, including IP67, NEMA 6, IK10, Extreme Salinity, Extreme Humidity and Extreme Vibration. VARIO2 Extreme illuminators use PLATINUM Elite SMT LED technology to deliver world leading power and illumination distances, and incorporate all standard VARIO2 family features, including advanced security features, interchangeable lens system and hot-spot reduction technology (HRT), to improve the performance of any surveillance system at night. The VARIO2 Extreme w16 White-Light series delivers maximum distances up to 250m (820ft).


Extreme Temperatures
Extreme Salinity
Extreme Humidity
Extreme Vibration
Extreme Impact Resistance
PLATINUM Elite SMT LED Technology
Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT)
VARIO Interchangeable Lens System
VARIO Remote Control (optional)
Wide 24-48V DC Power Input Range


Max Distance: 250m (820ft)
Angles and Max Distances:
10°x10° - 250m (820ft)
35°x10° - 125m (410ft)
60°x25° - 70m (230ft)
80°x30° - 48m (157ft)
120°x50° - 35m (115ft)
Input: 24-48V DC
Beam Shape: Elliptical with HRT (Hot Spot Reduction Technology)
Beam Angle System: VARIO interchangeable lens system
Consumption: 84W
LED Type: Platinum Elite SMT LEDs
Number of LEDs: 48
Power Output (Luminous Flux): 7453lm
Wavelength: White-Light
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