RayLUX URBAN - BAY 70-N / 70-C (UBBAY)

RayLUX URBAN - BAY 70-N / 70-C (UBBAY)




RayLUX URBAN BAY 70-N / 70-C (UBBAY-70-N, UBBAY-70-C) - Product Information

  • Industrial applications
  • Quick Start
  • 145W Max, integrated PSU, 90-305 V AC

The Urban Bay series is specifically designed for use in industrial applications and optimized to provide down lighting in warehouses, manufacturing, cold storage, retail, exhibition spaces, logistics and distribution applications, at typical mounting heights of 5-15m (16-48 ft).

With state of the art, high power SMT LED technology, low power consumption and cool running thermal management, Urban Bay delivers up to 60% energy savings compared to traditional lighting technologies. These energy savings allow Urban Bay to typically provide a 3 or 4 year return on initial investment. In addition Urban Bay units deliver quick start lighting on demand so they can be turned on only when required without any warm up time allowing for further energy and cost savings. Urban Bay is also purpose designed to reduce both the time and cost of installation. Each unit is fitted in 2 quick, easy and lightweight stages meaning that it can be fitted by 1 person – half the labour required compared to traditional, heavier industrial lighting.

Urban Bay is extremely robust and reliable with operational LED life of over 50,000 hours. It is available with Neutral White or Cool White colour output, and with 3 beam patterns available, Urban Bay is perfect of all industrial lighting installations requiring high quality illumination with low running and maintenance costs.