RAYMAX 300 PANORAMIC ULTRA - RM300-AI-PANUT Long Range Infra-Red Illuminator

RAYMAX 300 PANORAMIC ULTRA - RM300-AI-PANUT Long Range Infra-Red Illuminator



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RayMAX 300 PANORAMIC ULTRA (RM300-AI-PANUT) - Product Information

  • Ultra Wide 180° illumination
  • Ultimate Adaptive Illumination™


The new RAYMAX Panoramic Ultra illuminators represent the latest development in ultra wide 180° illumination, for seamless, full scene CCTV images at night. Panoramic Ultra illuminators now offer a much better spread of light and longer illumination with distances up to 150m (492ft) at 180°, making them perfect for wide angle, PTZ, multi-sensor, or 360° dome cameras covering large areas.
Panoramic Ultra illuminators use holographic lens technology to produce outstanding even illumination at a beam angle of 180 degrees (horizontal) x 5 degrees (vertical). All units feature Hot Spot Reduction Technology (HRT), allowing Panoramic Ultra illuminators to deliver longer illumination distances without creating short range hot spots caused by over-exposure.
Panoramic illuminators incorporate the latest surface mount LED technology to deliver class leading performance, long life, energy efficiency and zero maintenance, and are supported with an industry leading 5 year warranty. Ultimate Adaptive Illumination™ is a standard feature which allows the angle of illumination to be quickly and easily adjusted onsite anywhere from 60-180° to match the specific camera field of view.

Each unit is fitted with Active LED Life Control to carefully control LED output, delivering consistent illumination power and a projected working life of 10 years.
Panoramic Ultra illuminators are supplied with bracket and power supply. Control features on the power supply include adjustable power output, photocell and telemetry control. Panoramic lighting now makes high performance illumination for dome cameras more affordable, with longer distances than ever before.

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